by Aisling Love
27 July, 2016 - 2 minute read

In July 2016, a team from Winton attended the EuroPython conference in Bilbao. It was an excellent opportunity to learn, share and converse with the diverse and open Python developer community.

With the information universe growing exponentially in size and complexity, data-centric projects face a challenge to ingest, dissect and exploit it. Python is increasingly a tool of choice for solving these problems and at Winton Capital we see it as a principal language for scientific computation and data analysis.

We saw users showcase their projects which use Python in new and innovative ways and present increasingly robust software development, continuous integration and deployment approaches. Users ranging from cloud software vendors to gravitational physicists shared their experiences – it was a privilege to be a part of some of these discussions and a testament to the open nature of the community.

It was great to see Larry Hasting and other core developers conduct discussions on evolution of the language with the Python user community. While some of us are still debating on how to migrate to Python 3 it was reassuring to be able to engage in a discussion on what needs improving in the language and how to make the next migration easier.

But the most valuable side to the conference was meeting, discussing and socialising with the individuals who make this such a productive field.

Our presentation at EuroPython 2016 provided an overview of our use of Python in our algorithmic trading system. It was well attended and fuelled a lot of discussion. The presentation can be viewed here: